Do you ever memorize a person’s voice? Like you can construct a sentence in your mind that that person’s never said, and yet you hear them say it.

Is that a thing people can do?????????


ramenhime: Ah I just finished season four and I can't watch season five anywhere ;_; I don't have the channel but omg are you caught up?

Ah dang, I’m sorry :( I’m only one episode behind at the moment :)




guys please follow my side blog!!!! (i post on that one more, whoops)

i just edited the theme and made it super cute and im really proud so check it out : nellik


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1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

definitely japan!!! my second choice would be Korea lol

2. Have you ever been broken-hearted?

yep, a few times

3. Pants or skirts?

skirts all the way!!!

4. Getting a degree based on your passion, or getting a degree based on practicality?

passion, thats what im doing lol no STEM for me

5. Are you a food instagrammer?

no, but i do take pictures of my food all the time, i just don’t post it :)

6. Free food or free internet?


7. Do you have a 3ds (add me pls)

yes i do!!! but i don’t know my code :(

8. Do you speak any other languages aside from English? If so, what?

i know some spanish, and im currently learning japanese and chinese :) (i have an obsession with languages lol)

9. Favorite sport?

to play would be volleyball!
10. Raw fish yes or no.

i love sushi so yes

11. Do you collect anything? If so, what?

not really…..i feel like i used to but i can’t remember what

my questions~!!

1. what animal do you associate yourself with most? 2. what is one goal you are trying to reach right now? 3. what is the last song you listened to on repeat? 4. what is your favorite style of food? 5. what do you do when you take a day just for yourself? 6. ideal/dream career? (does not have to be realistic at all!) 7.describe your favorite shirt! 8. what are you looking forward to most right now? 9. if you could choose to be talented at any one thing, what would it be and why? 10. what is the weather like outside right now? 11. name 3 things you love about yourself :)

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Will you ask me to stay if I decided to leave?
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